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LatinFeels: The Best Latina Dating Website Or Just Another Average One?


LatinFeels is not the biggest dating site, but it doesn't mean that it's bad. The thing is, it's a so-called niche site — it's focused on Latinas, so you'll only find Colombian, Brazilian, and Argentinian ladies here. It's one of the best niche dating services in the world, and here, we'll explain, why. Read this LatinFeels review from our experts and create an account right after — well, only if you truly want to find a hot Latin lady.

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How To Sign Up

To create an account here, you will have to enter your email (it will be your LatinFeels login) and your name — it’s not necessary to enter a real name, but the email must be valid. When it’s done, you will have to answer some questions about yourself/your dream lady and to verify your email address. That’s all, basically — when all these steps are completed, you can start using the site.

How LatinFeels Works

Everything is simple: you sign up, verify your email, and start using the site. You can confirm your ID by clicking on “ID confirmation” and buy credits by clicking on “Credits”. If you want to use search, click “Search”, if you want to edit your profile, click “Profile”. This site is similar to 90% of dating websites, which means it’s impossible to get confused by its interface.


The site is easy-to-use and it works fast. The interface looks very intuitive, so you’ll understand how it works and what buttons to press quickly. The color scheme of the site is calm and soft, so your eyes won’t get tired even if you end up spending hours on the LatinFeels dating site.

Mobile Version & App

Unfortunately, LatinFeels doesn't have a mobile app. It means that if you're going to chat from your mobile device, you will have to use the mobile version of their website. It's not that bad, actually — but it's also not perfect. Sometimes, the buttons are too small.

Members And Girls Profiles

It's not the biggest site, as we've said — so you won't find millions of ladies here. But again, it's not that bad — niche sites do usually have an ID verification, so all their members are usually real. Long story short, it's up to you to choose what is better: several thousands of 100% real ladies or several hundreds of thousands of women with thousands of fake accounts bots. We believe that the first option is much better.

Here, you'll find about 5,000 women from South America. The majority of them are Colombian girls (3,500), but there are also hundreds of ladies from Brazil, Argentina, and even the US. Most of them are between 20 and 35, all of them are single, and (it's not a statistical fact, it's just our opinion) they are fantastically beautiful.

User Security

"LatinFeels.com is striving to be safe and secure. 128-bit SSL encryption, ID verification, a good privacy policy — everything is cared about here, including your money, personal data, and sensitive information. As it can be seen from policies of LatinFeels, its team strictly prohibits any kind of fraudulent and suspicious activities by its members. If user have some doubts about any girls he talks to, he may contact its 27/7 customer support and check all the issues."

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Payment And Membership

You buy credits, you spend them, simple as that. The credits are not so cheap here, but that's the common problem of all the modern dating sites — the era of cheap sites coming to an end. If we're talking about the good sites, of course. Let's talk about prices.

  • 20 credits cost $9.99

Yes, that's exactly what it sounds like: LatinFeels only offers one package of credits. You can't buy 50 or 100 credits here, unfortunately. But what does it mean and what can you buy for 20 credits? Let’s see:

  • 1 minute of live chat — 2 credits
  • sending 1 letter — 10 credits
  • viewing a video in chat — 50 credits
  • requesting a date — 625 credits

Why You Should Try This Site

We can safely say that LatinFeels is worth it. It doesn’t have a mobile app, yes, and the number of members isn’t that high — but there are no perfect dating services, so it makes sense that if you find a service that is very close to perfect, you should try it. Real women, many communication tools, great design — LatinFeels is a very, very good dating site with only little problems.

Some Minuses

  • No app
  • The prices are higher than average
  • The mobile version of the website does not work all the time